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About the Library

Origin :
The District central library of Ramnad District (which then included Ramnad, Vivudhunagar and Sivagangai Districts) was established on 13th Dec 1952 in Sivagangai. It was administered by the elected president and members of the Local Library authority. After Ramnad and Vivudhunagar becoming separate Districts, This library started working as the Sivaganga District central library being incharge of Sivaganga district only.         Now the central library has 50 branch libraries and 46 village libraries all over the district 96 library under its control.


First this library was at the Gokalae hall, an elegant building. The charity of the Gokalae hall was so generous that the library was allowed to run in its building with out rent. Then a separate building was constructed on the majeed road and this library began functioning in its new building having a ground floor only in 1996. It was constructed at the cost of 35 Lakhs . Afterwards the first floor was built. Now it is functioning in its own building with spacious halls having light and ventilation. The ground floor is 3780 sq.feet and the first floor 3780sq.feet and 7560 sq.feet in total. It was named after “KAVIYOGI SUTHANANADA BHARTHI” who was born in Sivagangai, a poet, a novelist and a freedom fighter whom our district can be ever proud of.


Any person who has attained the age of 14 and has the ability to read could be a member of the library. The members must be the resident of the Corporation limit. To be a member of the library one should get the application from the librarian, duly signed by a gazetted Officer and guarantee signature either from the Corporation members or a valuable person. A person has to pay Rs.20/- as caution deposit and Rs.10/- as yearly subscription for getting membership.

Number of BooksDepositAnnual SubscriptionTotal Amount
One Rs 20 Rs 10 Rs 30
Two Rs 40 Rs 10 Rs 50
There Rs 50 Rs 10 Rs 60


At present our library owns 1,36,234 books in total which include 91481 in Tamil books, 39113 in English books and 5640 in Hindi books. The books are properly classified by subjects and arranged separately in groups. Such classification gives the Readers easy access to the books they seek for.

Member Ship :
Member ship is open any resident of sivaganga . Every member can borrow Maximum of three books for a period of 14 days by depositing Rs.50/-Annual subscription Rs. 10/- Per member is collected every financial year at present this library had 12632.

Working Hours

Sivagangai District Central Library serves the public daily from 8.00A.M. to 8.00P.M. on weekdays include Sundays.The library is closed on Firday and second saturaday and TamilNadu Government holidays.

Patrons :
Our library has 118 patrons. They have kindly denoted Rs.1000/-each for the development of the library. One gentleman has donated Rs.5000/-and become the great patrons. The fund collected as donations is exempted from the levy of income tax as per a G.O.


Utility :

Averagely 250 readers attend the library per day. At least 100 members borrow books. About 60 persons make use of the library in a better way by taking notes from the books kept in the reference section everyday.

Readers Forum :

Thiru. T.N.Anbuthurai is the president of the readers, forum and Thiru.M.Balakrishnan, Its secretary. The readers’ forum gives us useful suggestions for the betterment of the library. Monthly meetings and other literary meetings are conducted only with the help of the readers’ forum which has 10 members. The National Library week is celebrated in a grand manner in November every year.

Source Of Finanace

The library is maintained with the 10% of the property tax collected and given by the local bodies. Further the library receives patron fund off and on from the RAJARAM MOHAN ROY LIBRARY TRUST. With this fund books, computers, furniture and other equipments are bought. It is also made use of to give training to the new workers. In addition the Government provides the libraries with some fund to buy books.

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